Nun: The Sign of Genocide

Aug. 1: a day of solidarity and prayer.
Nun (ن), the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet (the equivalent of letter N in our Roman alphabet), is the first letter of the word Nasara (نصارى : Nazarenes)…
It is the same name of the equivalent letter (נ) in the Hebrew alphabet (also a Semitic language), and it reminds us of the words of Jeremiah, also crying for an exile of his people sent to Mesopotamia:
Nun. The yoke of my iniquities hath watched: they are folded together in his hand, and put upon my neck: my strength is weakened: the Lord hath delivered me into a hand out of which I am not able to rise. (Lamentations, 1)
In their genocidal physical elimination of Christians from the Mesopotamian city of Mosul, Muslim terrorists marked each Christian-owned institution and building with this letter, for the extermination of holdouts and expropriation of their belongings:





They mean it as a mark of shame, we must then wear it as a mark of hope: Yes, we are in the army of the Resurrected Nazarene, the Master and Lord of the Universe, the Man who is God Almighty, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. You may kill our brethren and expel them, but we Christians will never go away.

“I changed it because of the lack of response.”

When asked why he changed his profile picture to the ن, political consultant Ryan Girdusky said, “I changed it because of the lack of response by our media and our president . . . We feel like the Christian community is being persecuted at the same time the Palestinians are being given constant attention. There is a Christian genocide and no one is paying attention.”


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“Why NASA Is Stagnant”

Today is the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. As the nation celebrates that great achievement, there is also reason for solemn reflection. For while NASA was able to put men on the Moon within eight years of the Apollo program’s start, the space agency has been unable to go further in the four and a half decades since. In fact, it is no longer capable of going to the Moon and, as these lines are written, is totally adrift, with no real plan for going anywhere.

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“Don’t Destroy This Family”

The Romeike family was granted asylum in the United States …The Obama administration, which in other notable areas of immigration law has enacted a policy of “discretion” regarding deportations, took the Romeike family to court to have its asylum protections revoked, and succeeded in doing so. The family has appealed to the Supreme Court, which has ordered the Obama administration to respond to the Romeikes’ petition, but the administration has so far refused to do so.

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There are actually two separate arguments going on here.

The first is whether the state has the right to decide what to teach your children (more specifically, whether the state has the right to teach your children that your beliefs are wrong or even evil).

The second is whether families have the right to leave if they don’t like how a particular government is governing.

I would argue that the answers to both questions ought to be the same regardless of the beliefs being pushed – or the beliefs being suppressed. If you imagine yourself as the victim, and the state as holding the beliefs that you find abhorrent, then it would stand to reason that there is a fundamental right to teach your children your own values (especially religious values), and to leave if your beliefs are formally declared a crime.

That the men and women representing the state sincerely believe they have a monopoly on “the truth” does not substantively change the argument. Governments do not own people. We are not here as slaves or servants of an all-controlling state.

But, then, I am an American – a nation that has always held that it is the consent of the governed that gives a government its legitimacy.

Also, most of the homeschooled kids I’ve known were far and away better-educated than their public-school peers.

Young Girl’s Sign: “If I Wanted the Government in My Womb, I Would F*** a Senator!”

Young Girl’s Sign: “If I Wanted the Government in My Womb, I Would F*** a Senator!”*

*That “every child a wanted child” sign always makes me want to add, “And KILL THE OTHERS!” (followed perhaps with a bit of maniacal laughter)….