Quote, Unquote: Rob Portman

The question every American should be asking is this: Just how far does this story go, and when is President Barack Obama going to do something about it?

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“Another Agency Goes IRS”

[E]vidence is emerging that officials at another agency, the Federal Election Commission, used their enforcement power as an anti-conservative sword.

The House Ways and Means Committee this week released emails showing that, in 2008 and 2009, the FEC’s general counsel staff sought tax information about conservative political groups from Lois Lerner of the IRS. Ms. Lerner is the IRS official who took the Fifth before Congress rather than tell her side of the story. She had previously worked at . . . the FEC’s general counsel office.

Such a request is a no-no in many ways. The FEC staff was investigating these groups without the approval of its commissioners in clear violation of FEC rules. And the IRS is legally barred from releasing confidential tax information—including to the FEC. The emails show that Ms. Lerner asked her staff to provide information to the FEC, and Ways and Means is seeking more documents.

The suspicion of political motivation is compounded by disclosures this week by Don McGahn, one of three Republican FEC commissioners. He released documents that show a litany of FEC staff abuses—including unauthorized investigations, unsanctioned work with law enforcement, and cases when documents were kept from commissioners. These abuses were largely aimed at investigating conservative political groups.

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These “phoney scandals” seem like major scandals to me; I don’t understand why they aren’t taken more seriously. Groupthink?

….The timing of the correspondence between Lerner and the FEC suggests the FEC attorney sought information from the IRS in order to influence an upcoming vote by the six FEC commissioners.from NRO

Meanwhile, we’re still arguing over whether the IRS targeted conservatives…

A House Ways and Means Committee staff analysis of the applications of 111 conservative and progressive groups applying for tax exempt status found conservative applicants faced “more questions, more denials, more delays,” says committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich.

That is, when the IRS sent groups letters asking for further information, conservative groups were asked more questions — on average, three times more. All of the groups with “progressive” in their name were ultimately approved, while only 46 percent of conservative groups won approval. Others are still waiting for an answer or gave up.

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…even though that doesn’t make much sense….

…that the IRS was an equal opportunity abuser….has never made any sense nor has it stood up to even the first fact of the IRS scandal. When IRS enforcer Lois Lerner planted the question that opened the scandal up, the IRS admitted at that point that it had unfairly targeted conservative groups. That’s what she was apologizing for.from PJ Media