6 Truths About Boundaries

  1. Violating boundaries isn’t really efficient (in the sense of “saves energy”/”is a good way to get something done fast”). It is more like borrowing against tomorrow: you pay with interest
    We used to call this “you reap what you sow”*
  2. Violating boundaries isn’t really victimless
  3. Violating boundaries causes more harm than that butterfly in Tokyo
    The butterfly does not see the hurricane…but visible or not: all actions have consequences
  4. Violating boundaries isn’t “minor”
  5. Not only uptight people care (or have reason to care) about violated boundaries
  6. “Everyone” does not do “it”.

* Has this phrase been trademarked by FranklinCovey yet?
Speaking of violating boundaries….trademarking folk wisdom in the name of “being an ethical teacher” (!!) is exactly the sort of thing I mean when I say ethical boundaries are all that separate progress from dystopia