“Mozilla’s anti-gay CEO and conservative First Amendment hypocrisy”

I don’t see defenders of Eich also criticizing the Boy Scouts for excluding gay men because the organization disagrees with their conduct and beliefs.

via Slate

Punishing someone for how they behave is a necessary part of establishing and/or maintaining a healthy culture…but since when is participating in legitimate, legal election activity a punishment-worthy offense?

I think that should be true no matter which way the person is voting (or donating).

If it’s on the ballot, then one has the right to vote for it, donate on behalf of it, or volunteer one’s time toward actions promoting it, without any threat of retaliation, punishment, harassment, intimidation, or other harm coming as a result of one’s participation.

To interfere beforehand or punish afterward would compromise the integrity of the ballot just as certainly as posting armed thugs in front of the ballot box would.

This isn’t about First Amendment rights. It’s about free and fair elections.

And this ought to be common sense, regardless of how one votes – do liberals really want a world where political participation is made public and people can be fired, intimidated, punished, harassed, or mistreated for voting “the wrong way”?

Then again, maybe that’s exactly what they want – at least the ones who are wealthy enough to not care about their pawns, who will get fired for donating to pro-abortion activists.  The sort who are always ‘careless with their tools’, to borrow from Fitzgerald.