Mixing Up Metaphors

Best headline on the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS case:

It’s All About Privacy, So Make Sure My Boss Has to be Involved: Curious Arguments Outside the Supreme Court

via  National Review Online

Hey, maybe if you don’t want your boss in your bedroom, you should leave your bedroom at home when you go to work in the morning!

Ya think?

Didn’t feminism used to be about more than just staying a bossy little girl forever while hanging on to Daddy’s wallet?

Yeah, I said “bossy” – it’s becoming *the* word I think of whenever I meet a combination of shrewish + inappropriate + slightly sinister + impotent, and thus looking to scapegoat…
in other words, it perfectly describes feminism these days.

Oh – and I’m adding a new category: grownups who think they are children and/or want children to be grownups. Just for you, creepy girlchild-ladies!