“Mini Me Jesus”

So what’s wrong with a pasty white, Gary Busey, Mini Me Jesus? Why not just let people make Jesus in the image they want — the image that makes them feel the most comfortable?

Reason 1: It’s just wrong.

via Mini Me Jesus | Rev. Susan Sparks.

I think the important question is not whether a white Jesus is wrong; everyone knows white skin is bad – or “pasty”, as HuffPo repeatedly emphasizes.

The question is whether the Africans who have made Him black, and the Asians who have made Him Asian, need to be corrected.

Does the earthly form matter? Should the “historical Jesus” be what Christians focus on, mostly or exclusively?

Or is Jesus like all of us? Should we encourage the idea that he is white – and black and Asian – as well as Middle Eastern?

I always liked medieval art specifically because it isn’t so literal, but is instead representative of spiritual truths. I don’t think what color Jesus is really matters very much, but I do think it’s wrong to try to shame, guilt, or embarrass those who view Jesus “wrong”.