“9 Swedish Women Receive Womb Transplants, Will Try To Get Pregnant”

Nine Swedish women have successfully received transplanted wombs donated by family members, and will soon try to have children, the AP reports. There have been no major complications following the surgeries, and every woman left the hospital within days. The transplants are part of the largest effort yet to produce children from transplanted uteri…


…All of the women were either born without a uterus or lost it due to cervical cancer. Each had eggs removed and fertilized, and won’t be able to get pregnant the old-fashioned way

via Popular Science.


In a world where mixing up babies in test tubes now seems pretty old hat, picking and choosing your offspring’s genes is getting closer, and even 3D-printed organs aren’t that surprising, the idea of the transplant seems oddly old-fashioned, but it’s a potential answer to a problem we still haven’t solved. While there may be ever-more-efficient ways of combining eggs and sperm around various fertility problems, there’s nothing to be done for women who don’t have a womb—either because they’re born without one (a condition known as MRKH) or because they’ve had it removed, for instance due to cervical cancer.

The nine women in this new initiative, who all had the wombs transplanted in Sweden, won’t be able to get pregnant in the conventional way, as the transplanted uteruses aren’t connected to their fallopian tubes. But the hope is they could conceive via IVF and carry their own biological child.

via Motherboard.