“What’s easier than self-driving cars? Self-flying cars”

Self-flying cars are easier to do than self-driving cars, Terrafugia co-founder and CEO Carl Dietrich said at a conference at MIT over the weekend. And, all going perfectly to plan, we can expect to be able to buy our very own self-flying vehicle with vertical take-off and landing capabilities within a decade, he said.

Speaking at the MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum on Saturday, Dietrich said self-flying cars, such as Terrafugia’s in-development TF-X, represent a less complicated technology challenge than that faced by self-driving cars….

The difficult that the TF-X faces, however, is one of regulation. Regulators need to create international standards so that people without traditional piloting skills can be certified to operate flying vehicles. Regulatory bodies so far don’t know how to regulate flying cars, but the advent of drones might help the process.

If all regulation breaks in flying cars’ favor, the TF-X, a hybrid vehicle which could carry four people and fly non-stop for 500 miles after taking off vertically, could be on the road and in the skies within eight to 12 years, Dietrich said in an interview after his talk.

via PandoDaily (emphasis mine)