“Golden rice inventor Ingo Potrykus: Greenpeace and others wicked for opposition”

Andy Coghlan: Why did you develop golden rice?

Ingo Potrykus: I got involved because I\’m concerned about food security. I realized it\’s not just about calories, but also about the quality of food. I started working on it in the early 1990s with Peter Beyer. We started on the problem of iron deficiency, but that work didn\’t pan out, so we switched to tackling vitamin A deficiency.

via Slate

So in addition to experimenting on our ecosystem, now they want to use vulnerable populations as experimental subjects*.

I’m not opposed to genetically modified food – but why wouldn’t they expected to keep the stuff secure until it’s been proved safe & effective?


*For those who aren’t familiar: it’s usually considered unethical to experiment on people without their informed consent.

Or, in the case of a shared resource like “the environment”, a consensus.

Using dehumanizing tactics (“wicked”) on critics is IMO indicative that something is wrong – that for some reason they feel they must use bullying and intimidation, rather than persuasion, suggests that they don’t feel entirely confident about having truth on their side.