“The Drunk Sluts Rights Movement”

Of course, feminists would denounce such a statement of fact as a misogynistic expression of “rape culture,” but facts are facts: Alcohol is a significant contributing factor in the incidence of date rape….

…So the coed who starts guzzling tequila at the ATO house and wakes up the next morning sore, sticky and naked, with only vague memories of how she got that way, is not merely a victim of drunken fratboys — and we all know what deviant beasts those ATOs are, right? — but also a victim of all men everywhere throughout the course of human history. Anyone who says otherwise is just a misogynistic slut-shaming bigot.

via The Other McCain.

It’s really very simple: men should carry breathalyzers, and should test prospective mating partners.

And should call campus police on sexually aggressive women who flunk the breathalyzer, filing a complaint about drunk and disorderly behavior.

They should do this in the name of protecting their fellow man from false charges.

Yes, it’s harsh – but so is wrecking a guy’s life by having him tagged a rapist. Guys should drink responsibly…but then, so should females.