“New York Times writer mourns her friend’s lost opportunity to abort her child with Down syndrome”

Since October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Jane Brody wrote a piece for the New York Times detailing advancements in prenatal testing. And while I’ve spoken multiple times about not blaming prenatal testing for the disgustingly high Down syndrome abortion rate, the two will seemingly always be linked. Brody’s article serves as a perfect case in point: she starts off her piece lamenting that a friend of hers was not given the choice to abort her child with Down syndrome.

via Live Action News.

How sick is it to use “Down Syndrome Awareness Month” to talk about aborting people with Down Syndrome? Are people genuinely not aware that killing off a population is not the same thing as “curing” or “fixing” them? (Are they going to “fix” poverty the same way? What about obesity? Drug addiction? Do people have a moral obligation to be perfect enough to qualify for membership in our society? Is that really a precedent we want to be setting?)

We need more stories like this one: