“For the unemployed, Labor Day is no picnic”

Labor Day is a national holiday with undercurrents of the same theme — hope for a better life. But this Labor Day, like the six or so before it, is no picnic for the millions of Americans who can’t find full-time employment.

This is a holiday best known for sending up a flare that said summer was over, school had started, Jerry Lewis was having his annual telethon and football season was underway. The day after Labor Day, perhaps more so than the first work day after the Christmas/New Year’s break, is a time when Americans truly get down to business following a long period of disruption…

…Wouldn’t it be nice if Americans had a reason to pack a hamper and have themselves a picnic, to celebrate prosperity, hard work and thrift this year? Instead, as the first Monday of September rolls around, year after year during the Obama era, we mark another Labor Day with sluggish economic growth, ever-expanding and unaffordable government. And presidential speeches that divide rather than unite, that lack vision and fail to celebrate American exceptionalism.

via News OK.

I hope that next year I will find better things to say about Labor Day.
This year, the best there is to say is that “it’s over”.”