“Abortion Barbie”

The New Yorker has published an outraged rant about how redstate.com has dubbed Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie” – and that’s not like Caribou Barbie because Caribou Barbie was funny; Abortion Barbie is just evil and sexist and you can’t say that!

Erickson’s other response is that if liberals get to call Sarah Palin Caribou Barbie Maureen Dowd did, then they can’t complain. This assumes a parallel between “Caribou” and “Abortion,” which is hard to see. Abortion, despite what Erickson may think, is not a guise or a fashion, a destination like Malibu or an aspiration like astronaut. If it is a shorthand for anything, it is for what can be the hardest moment in an woman’s life. Perhaps he is used to treating all of this as a political game, making paper airplanes out of court decisions, but reproductive rights are not childish things.“Barbie” is an insult when it is used as a stand-in for “stupid”—for an unserious mannequin, a professional impostor.

from Erick Erickson’s Abortion Barbie Game : The New Yorker.

What Erickson actually wrote was this (the “Really?” link being the only reference to Caribou Barbie):

She is, after all, intent on building a national name for herself through abortion and pink shoes….

…As an aside, one of the most hilarious bits of this is seeing liberals proclaim all references to someone as “Barbie” sexist. Really?

from redstate.com

I think the New Yorker just has its shorts in the proverbial twist because Wendy Davis just looks so much like Abortion Barbie (or at the very least a Malibu Barbie, Baby Boomer/fading feminist version….)