“Columnist: Name the Zimmerman Jurors”

“Says Keeping Jurors Anonymous Undermines The Justice System”

This concerns me. There has been so much hostility, ill will, and death threats. There have already been repeated problems with people tweeting what they believe to be George Zimmerman’s address, before and after the trial, with the explicit intention of inciting vandalism or worse against him. People are selling “Wanted: Dead or Alive” t-shirts with Zimmerman’s likeness; another shirt doing the rounds has Zimmeran in crosshairs.

And yet we’re supposed to believe that a request for jurors to remain anonymous long enough for the incitement to cool down is the real “threat to the justice system“?


After watching this interview, I think there should be an investigation into whether or not the jury properly deliberated.

from Crooks and Liars

CNN even has a poll on whether the jurors should be allowed their anonymity.

I don’t think six months is at all an unreasonable request. The jurors have themselves expressed concerns for their safety. If anything happened to them, not only would it be a horrible injustice – and a tragedy – but it would also create a loss of trust and good faith that would affect our nation’s ability to conduct fair trials in the future.

The media is going too far – wayyy too far – in its eagerness to incite.