Do Women Make Better Senators Than Men? Or, Having It Both Ways

The group’s most arguable contention is that women have a particular talent for working with others. If you ask them what they bring to the Senate, almost all of them say things like this: more collaboration, less confrontation; more problem-solving, less ego; more consensus-building, less partisanship. Those are fixed perceptions, not just among the senators but, research shows, among voters as well. And there is plenty of evidence, in the form of deals made and bills passed, that women know how to get things done. That’s especially true now that women chair eight full committees and many subcommittees. But are they really better at this than men? Historians and researchers say there are too few of them, and their arrival on the scene has been too recent, to draw any conclusions.

from The Atlantic

Men and women are equal, except when women are better.

It’s okay to talk about females as having unique strengths and capacities, but it’s sexist to complain that lowering the physical standards in the military introduces the possibility that we’ll have special-ops soldiers who are physically incapable of carrying a wounded comrade to safety.

I dislike double standards. They don’t just hurt the direct victims (in this case, men); they hurt everyone.