“How to Get More Women (and Men) to Call Themselves Feminists”

Freedom feminism combines aspects of both the egalitarian and maternal traditions. It shares with egalitarianism an aversion to prescribed gender roles: Women should be free to defect from the stereotypes of femininity if they so choose. At the same time, it respects the choices of free and self-determining women when they choose to embrace conventional feminine roles. Freedom feminism stands for equality of opportunity but does not insist on equality of results.

via How to Get More Women (and Men) to Call Themselves Feminists – Christina Hoff Sommers – The Atlantic.

Sounds nice, but the problem contemporary feminism always runs into is this: it forgets to test for costs – what is being sacrificed, and who is doing the sacrificing.

If it isn’t as fair to men as it is to women, it won’t work.