Is It Hazing Or Is It Rape?

From Anal hazing is apparently a thing in American high schools now:

In the last year, there have been more than a dozen hazing incidents around the country involving high school boys who have sodomized other boys with foreign objects, reports Bloomberg. Over 40 boys have been reported victims. Most have been younger students.

There’s a dearth of data concerning the size and scope of the national boy-on-boy anal hazing problem. Astonishingly, though, a study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence has claimed that nearly 10 percent of high school males report suffering some form of sexual assault including, in some cases, forced oral sex or rape.

The Bloomberg article contains graphic language.

But is it rape or is it hazing? Which word should we use?

I call none of these incidents hazing. These incidents are sexual assault and rape; pure and simple. Regardless of the circumstance, rape is a crime of violence and control: perpetrators exert power and use humiliation/intimidation tactics to either induce submission or force their will upon the victim.

from Freedom Outpost

Hazing proper traditionally involves a group using vicious rituals to initiate new members. Under such a definition, I don’t see how the term “hazing” is appropriate. Hazing involves willing victims and the promise of being allowed to be part of a group or in-group:

When authorities arrived at the scene they found 12 male teenagers, between 16 to 18 years of age. All appeared to be students of the Inglemoor High School in Kenmore. Seven were identified as victims in a willing assault.

It was assessed the injured teens, some of whom were half-naked, had been beaten – bearing several open wounds – and were suffering from hypothermia as part of a brutal high school hazing inflicted upon high school underclassmen from outgoing seniors.

The sodomy incidents appear to be sexual assault – the violation of sexual boundaries for the purpose of dominance, control, and/or inflicting pain. Compare:

A small Colorado town’s response to a 13-year-old’s violent hazing and sexual assault has driven the victim out of his school and his father out of his job….