What This Blog Will Be…

…random thoughts and maybe even a few essays on what has to happen to prevent future harm.

Inspired by comments on the question of whether the Enlightened should be tolerant of those primitive beings who still cling to creation myths.

Governed by the belief that whether or not those whom you intend to “help” will benefit from the improvements you have planned for them is an entirely separate issue from the question of whether one is justified in waging war when it comes time to making those changes.

Starting assumptions:

  • The usual reason why one wages war rather than seeking alliance (when possible) is that one wishes to grab more than is rightfully theirs in the process.
  • One cannot be presumed to be acting on behalf of another when one opts for grabbing (selfishness, greed, and power) over civility (persuasion, tolerance, and non-coercion).
  • Appeasement is not a wise option – even when the war is only a “culture war”.